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Rapid Tooling China

PrototWe provides rapid tooling and rapid injection molding services from China to global clients. We set up a rapid tooling shop focus on our experience and advantage in rapid tooling and rapid molding. Normally, we make alumium prototype mold for 500~2,000 molded parts, and soft steel prototype mold for 2,000~5,000 molded parts. We run very fast in the prototype mold making, here some core technologis are used, like standard and shared mold base, simplified parting line, hand inserts instead of any sliders and lifters. Based on these technology and experience, we make rapid tooling in 3-5 days, rapid molding in 1-3 days.

Rapid Tooling

Our advantage on rapid tooling thanks to ProtoWe’s attention and technology development and years of experience accumulation. Eventually these advantages make very short lead time and much lower cost.

  • A mass of universal and shared mold bases
  • Hand inserts instead of any sliders and lifters
  • Simplified parting line
  • Plenty of standard size Aluminum and P20 in store
  • Working 24h/d & 7d/w

At ProtoWe, we use vertical injection molding machines to do rapid molding. The vertical machine has obvious advantages on small batch and hand operation mold and insert molding. More advantages as below:

  • Machine is cheap, less power, smaller press
  • Easy to load/unload the mold
  • Easy for hand operation
  • Better in loading inserts for insert molding

Rapid Molding

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