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CNC Machining China

At PrototWe, CNC Machining prototype is our traditional and core service. Each year, hundreds of thousands of quality CNC machined parts export from China to global clients. Our CNC machining service covers CNC Milling prototype, CNC Turning prototype, EDM machining and small batch manufacturing. We machine various materials: aluminum, stainless steel, mold steel, copper, zinc, plastic etc.

CNC Milling Services

CNC Milling Prototype

CNC Milling is a most universal technology for a prototype, especially for a metal prototype. There are three core advantages in CNC milling. One is CNC milling has a very wide range of materials: aluminum, steel, copper, zinc etc metals and all hard plastics and more hard materials. Another one is high precision, it can reach tight tolerance in +/- 0.005 mm. The third one is high strength, CNC milled parts has better strength than 3D printing, molding or casting. The advantages of ProtoWe is:

  • 30 sets of 3-4 axis CNC Millers
  • 2 sets of 5 axis CNC Millers
  • Reach tolerance +/-0.005 mm
  • Support in-house CMM dimension report
CNC Turning Services

CNC Turning Prototype

CNC Turning is to make axis parts via a lathe. CNC turning has better efficient and precision than CNC milling. Its common material is stainless steel, aluminum etc metals and a few engineering plastics like POM, PA, PEEK etc. ProtoWe’s advantages in CNC turning is:

  • 5 sets of CNC turning machines
  • High precision +/- 0.002 mm
  • Max workpiece length 1,200 mm
  • Make up for CNC milling services
EDM Machining

EDM Machining

EDM is short for Electrical Discharge Machining, a special machining type to use discharge corrosion to reduce material where it’s too small or too deep for CNC milling. Like the picture, an EDM machine works on the workpiece via a copper electrode. ProtoWe’s EDM:

  • 3 sets of EDM machines
  • Make mold parts
  • Make up for CNC milling services

Also, you can visit our group website to know more about our CNC Machining Prototyping Services.




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