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About ProtoWe

ProtoWe is a WeLink brand in global rapid manufacturing. Inheriting WeLink’s reputation of “Proud of Quality and Cheap”, clients can always benefit from our good price & quality, fast delivery and excellent services.

Founded in 2016 in Dongguan China, ProtoWe now has 80+ employees and 3000+ m2 workshops to provide Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling & Low Volume Manufacturing to global middle-small clients with affordable prototyping & manufacturing solutions.


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Our Mission

Reducing prototyping & manufacturing costs for global middle-small companies

Our Vision

Enabling innovations through affordable prototyping & manufacturing solutions


Why ProtoWe® >>

What can you expect from ProtoWe?

ProtoWe serves global middle-small aslo startup companies, we grows together with our clients. We have good experience in automotive parts, medical devices, aerospace parts and electronic parts. Our clients could expect from us:

  • Always saving 40-50% than westen, 20%-30% cheaper than 80% China
  • Faster timing to market for a higher success rate
  • Quality Guarantee 100%
  • Creating flexible design options for all your products
  • Seamless to mass production

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Time & Money Saving

View our factory and facilities:

We own both China brands 3-, 4- and 5-axis machines (70%) to reduce machining cost and high precision 3/4/5-axis advanced machines (30%) which allow us to achieve tight tolerances. We have also invested in a material tester, so that we can verify the materials we use and make sure they are the correct ones for each project. And we can quickly get measurement results from our automotive coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Check below our machines list.

CNC Machining Workshop
CNC Machining Workshop
CNC Machining Workshop
CNC Machining Workshop
SLA Workshop
SLS Workshop
Rapid Molding Workshop
Team & Machines List >>

Teams & Machines


Total employees 86

Employees Total86   
Employees OfficeSalesQuoteEngineeringQuality
Manufacturing WorkshopCNC Machining3D PrintingVacuum CastingRapid Tooling

QC Tester

#BrandModelTypeTravel (mm)
1Serein686CMM800 x 600 x 300
1Seven Ocean350Projector350x300
1Mitutoyo368-161(-172)Inner Dia Micrometer6-100
8Mitutoyo500-197-30Digital Calliper0-200
5Mitutoyo500-173-30Digital Calliper0-300
1MitutoyoTR200Roughness Tester0.001um-160um
1Mitutoyo810-299Portable Hardness Tester19.3-68.2HRC
2PantoneC/UPantone Color CardEdition 2020
2RALK7RAL Color CardEdition 2021

Machines List

CNC Machining: CNC-3axis=31   CNC-4axis=9   CNC-5axis=2   CNC-Lathes=5    EDM=4    W-EDM=2
Tooling: CNC-mill=7    Engraving=3     Molding=10
SLA=20    SLS=5
#BrandModelTypeMax X-Y-Z-Axis Travel (mm)
12TaikanT-500SVertical 3-axis drill/tap mill500 x 400 x 320
5TaikanT-600SVertical 3-axis mill600 x 390 x 320
4TaikanT-V1165SVertical 3-axis mill1100 x 650 x 580
1TaikanT-V1685SVertical 3-axis mill1650 x 850 x 850
2HaasVF-2SSVertical 3-axis mill762 x 406 x 508
4JiaTieJT600Vertical 3-axis mill600 x 500 x 250
3JOINTJOT-800Vertical 3-axis mill800 x 500 x 400
5TOPZENT-600SVertical 4-axis mill600 x 390 x 320
4BrotherS700Z2NVertical 4-axis mill700 x 400 x 300
1JingDiaoJDMRT600Vertical 5-axis mill650 x 660 x 500
1JingDiaoJDGRT150Vertical 5-axis mill500 x 200 x 260
3DMTGDMTG180CNC Lathesφ180 x 400
2SMTCLSMT250CNC Lathesφ250 x 600
2HyFair618SGrinding Machine450 x 300 x 300
4Topedm435EDM Machine400 x 300 x 200
1SodickAQ35LEDM Machine350 x 350 x 280
3BF850VCNC Milling For Mold only800 x 500 x 500
2BF850LCNC Milling For Mold only800 x 500 x 500
2FT650BCNC Milling For Mold only600 x 400 x 500
3TAIWEI650Engraving650 x 550 x300
2FengBaoFTM-E4Vertical Turret Mill760 x 350 x 350
15KingsK600SSLA 3D Printer600 x 400 x 350
5KingsK800SSLA 3D Printer800 x 600 x 450
5HPJet Fusion 4200SLS 3D Printer380 x 280 x 380
3HaitianHTF120J/TJInjection Molding Machine120T
4HaitianHTF200J/TJInjection Molding Machine200T
2HaitianHTF250J/TJInjection Molding Machine250T
1HAIDAHD-380Injection Molding Machine380T
LinkUnited® >>


LinkUnited® is a registered trademark as well as one of important success factors at ProtoWe. By 2022, LinkUnited has 10+ certified workshops and will increase 3-5 workshops each year to match the growing orders each year.

Every partner workshop is strictly certified, and only quality and cost effective workshops or factories are permitted access. To this end, we put a lot of efforts into it every year. In LinkUnited, ProtoWe control everything: the order, the quality, the lead time, the delivery and the after sales. Clients will never worry about the orders. 

LinkUnited Solution realizes real online on-demand manufacturing, allowing clients to achieve their own needs while getting 10-20% lower prices than traditional manufacturing methods in China.


CNC-3 & 4 AxisCNC-5 AxisCNC Lathes

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